Telling an engaging story about a social cause takes skill and heart. I have oodles of both. I began my career in urban education and have held senior-level communications and editorial roles in three nonprofits. Today, I work on a freelance basis, helping nonprofits and foundations elevate messages that inspire action.

I help organizations produce:

  • annual reports
  • white papers
  • web content
  • brochures and collateral
  • newsletters
  • op-eds, press releases, and more

I tailor my services to the needs of each organization. Sometimes I manage production from concept to completion. At other times, I ghostwrite or edit the work of others.

Across all of my work, I’m known for making complex ideas comprehensible, for bringing clarity and precision to challenging topics, and for infusing publications with the energy and emotion that compel readers to act.

What my clients say…

Katie has been an invaluable part of the Brookline Community Foundation’s effort to raise its profile and increase public understanding about the challenges and opportunities we face as a town. She’s a careful listener and skilled writer, working closely with our staff and board as we shape messages and make our information accessible and actionable. Her writing has had a very significant impact on our work at the Foundation as well as public dialogue within Brookline.

–Jenny Amory, Executive Director, Brookline Community Foundation

Katie has been instrumental in shaping and executing Urban Teachers’ communications efforts, and her writing has helped us elevate our brand nationally. Katie has also been a tremendous thought partner, offering strategies and feedback that have allowed us to reach our organizational goals.

–Celia Parker, Assistant Director (Communications), Urban Teachers